When Should You See an Emergency Dentist in Mount Gravatt? Ask Yourself These Questions

For more than 30 years, Aminya St Dental has been serving the Mansfield area. From paediatric dentistry to regular dental check-ups, all the way to special procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction and crowns and bridgework, we offer a versatile and comprehensive range of dental services. We are also emergency dentists in Mount Gravatt and welcome patients who need urgent help with dental emergencies. If you have a dental issue that can’t wait for more than an hour or so for attention and treatment, you can come to our office for help.

What Constitutes a ‘Dental Emergency’?

Often, when we tell patients that we offer emergency dental care at Aminya St Dental, they ask us what constitutes a dental emergency. Certainly, the question is a valid one. While some dental issues qualify very obviously as emergencies—such as a tooth knocked out during sports practice—other dental concerns can sometimes fall into more of a grey area. How can you know when to seek help for a dental emergency in Mount Gravatt?

At Aminya St Dental, we typically will encourage our patients to ask themselves a series of questions about their dental care issue. These questions can help you figure out whether you should see the dentist right now or if you can wait until tomorrow to make an appointment.

  • Are you in pain? This one is question zero. If you are suffering extreme oral pain, you should seek the help of an emergency dentist in Mount Gravatt. Even if the issue doesn’t turn out to be especially severe, your dentist will at least be able to suggest or prescribe pain relief options.

  • Do you have loose or missing teeth? If an adult tooth has suffered a trauma, it may be loose or even knocked out entirely. If so, seeing an emergency dentist ASAP is essential to saving the tooth.

  • Is the tooth broken or cracked? Cracks or fractures to your teeth are signs that the tooth has been damaged internally as well as externally. This kind of issue qualifies as a dental emergency, as your dentist will need to perform an x-ray to determine 1) what kind of condition the tooth is in, 2) whether the tooth can be saved and 3) what next steps are required. If a tooth is merely chipped and isn’t causing you pain, though, you can usually just schedule a regular, non-emergency appointment with your dentist.

  • Are you bleeding from the mouth? Minor bleeding from the gums due to hard brushing or flossing is something you should ask your dentist about but doesn’t usually qualify as a dental emergency. If you are bleeding from the mouth and don’t know why or can’t make it stop, though, you should consult emergency dentists in Mount Gravatt ASAP.

  • Are you suffering from swelling in the mouth area? Perhaps you’ve been hit in the face or mouth, and you are now suffering from swelling and pain. Alternatively, you may have bulges or sores on your gums that you can’t explain. Excessive swelling of the mouth is usually a reason to consult an emergency dentist.

Visit Aminya St Dental to See Our Emergency Dentists in Mount Gravatt

Do you need help with a dental emergency in Mount Gravatt? If you answered the questions above and believe you are dealing with a dental emergency, give us a call at Aminya St Dental as soon as possible to let us know. Regardless of the day or time, we will do our best to get you in for treatment immediately. Dial (07) 3349 7749 to get in touch.

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