A Family Dentist in Mansfield Your Child Will Love

You know that regular trips to the dentist are an important part of keeping your child’s teeth healthy, yet if your little one has dental anxiety, these trips can also cause a lot of stress. Thankfully, there are ways to help ease your child’s mind when it comes to visiting the dentist. Finding an experienced dentist who understands children may make all the difference in the world. At Aminya St Dental, our family dentists in Mansfield have helped many nervous dental patients, including children, overcome their fear of the dentist while providing excellent personalised care.

An End to Dental Anxiety

Fear is a natural response to the unfamiliar, particularly in children. The dentist’s office is full of strange sights and sounds, so in many ways, it is not surprising that children are intimidated when it comes to visiting the dentist. However, with a few positive reinforcements, you child can overcome this fear and may even enjoy visiting the dentist.

One way you can assist in building your child’s confidence is to set an example. If you appear calm and collected at the dentist’s office, he will see it as a sign that everything is fine. Of course, if you are anxious about the dentist yourself, it may be helpful first to overcome your own fears.

Finding a dentist who is compassionate and offers individualised care is important for patients of all ages yet is particularly crucial for those who are nervous about going to the dentist. It may also be helpful to find a dentist who can offer sedation, such as through nitrous oxide so that you can remain calmer throughout the procedure.

Aminya St Dental strives to be your family dentists in Mansfield and to help make sure that every member of the family is comfortable and feels at ease in the dentist’s chair. Our dentists put you and your family first, and are happy to provide sedation for both children and adults who would prefer this alternative.

We Focus on Family Dental in Mansfield

At Aminya St Dental, our practice focuses on family dental for Mansfield area residents, both big and small. We have provided quality, localised care in the Mansfield area for over 30 years. In that time, we have been proud to offer quality dentistry for life, and we are now able to provide our compassionate care to a brand-new generation. We take the time to listen to your needs so we can develop a personal and individualised approach to treatment in a calm and soothing environment. Our independent family business is not affiliated with any corporates or health funds, meaning there’s never any pressure to sell you services or products you and your family do not need.

Come and see what our practice has to offer your family. For every stage of life, we seek to be your family dentist in Mansfield you can trust. Whether it’s your infant’s first dental cleaning, wisdom tooth removal, or dental implants or dentures, we can provide a comfortable dental experience every step of the way.

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