Reasons to Visit Your Family Dentists near Mount Gravatt

Having a family dentist is an excellent way to involve everyone in your family in the important activity of regular dental visits. When all members of the family visit the same dentist, you can help foster positive attitudes towards dentistry for every member of the family. If you are looking for a family dentist in the Mount Gravatt area, you should consider Aminya St Dental for a relaxed and individualised approach to dentistry.

When to See Your Family Dentist

You should schedule a visit to your family dentist any time you or someone in your family is experiencing issues with their teeth, such as pain or sensitivity. In the case of dental emergencies, such as chipped or otherwise damaged teeth, you should make an appointment as soon as possible.

Yet even aside from urgent dental needs, it is important to schedule regular exams for every member of your family. This usually means visiting your dentist for oral cleanings every six months for most individuals. Doing so can help keep problems with your teeth and gums at bay or catch potential issues early before they can develop into more serious concerns. In spite of this, it is estimated that 50% of Australians do not visit their dentist even yearly. We hope to help change that statistic through providing personalised care within our relaxed and non-threatening environment.

When you visit Aminya St Dental, your family dentists for the Mount Gravatt area, we take the time to listen to your needs and concerns. We provide advice based on our over 30 years’ experience and suggest only the treatments we feel will give you and your family the best possible results.

Dedicated to Family Dental in Mount Gravatt

Aminya St Dental provides a wide variety of family dental services for individuals of all ages in Mount Gravatt and throughout the Brisbane region. Our emphasis is on helping you and your family maintain healthy, functioning and comfortable teeth and gums for life. In addition to routine exams and preventative dentistry, we offer dental crowns, bridges, dentures and implants as well as wisdom tooth removal and root canal treatment. All our dental prosthetics are made at local laboratories, never overseas, so you can rest assured that you will receive only quality dental products.

For nervous patients, we can provide sedation in the form of nitrous oxide (‘happy gas’). Our focus on family dental for Mount Gravatt residents means we are happy to accommodate you and your entire family’s specific dental needs. For families with children, we can provide CDBS (Child Dental Benefit Scheme) bulk billing for eligible patients.

At Aminya St Dental, it is our sincere hope that we can be ‘your dentist for life.’ When you make us your family dentist in Mount Gravatt, we can help establish healthy dental practices for your entire family with regular visits within our relaxed and welcoming environment. Schedule an appointment today to see how we can make every member of your family feel at home within our practice.

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