Aminya St Dental has provided Brisbane and surrounding areas with quality and comprehensive healthcare services since 2010. We believe in keeping our community healthy, and we’re committed to exceeding the expectations of our patients with cutting edge services. Let us provide you with the personalized care you deserve.

We offer a wide range of general dental services for adults and children with an emphasis on maintaining a healthy, comfortable, functional dentition. Our services include:


Paediatric Dentistry (Children)

Yes we love to see children at Aminya St Dental. It is very important to start children off on the right foot and we provide these services in a friendly caring manner. In complex cases we work with several excellent specialist paeidatric dentist in Brisbane.


A comprehensive initial exam or an ongoing maintenance exam will usually be accompanied by a professional cleaning of all tooth surfaces. This will help you achieve the best levels of oral hygiene on a daily basis. We will advise you if you require further dental treatment and discuss with you a plan as to how this will be achieved.

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Tooth Extraction

We will remove most teeth that cannot be restored ourselves. If complex root shapes or anatomical or medical challenges exist we will put your safety first and refer you to a specialist oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Any surgical procedure caries risks.

Restorations (Fillings)

We provide tooth coloured composite resin fillings matched to your natural tooth colour. Amalgam restorations can also be provided if it is felt they may be more durable in some circumstances. We will always discuss these decisions with you before treatment commences.

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Happy Gas

Many nervous patients benefit from the use of happy gas (relative analgesia) to allay their fears during procedures. We are pleased to be able to offer this service.

Crowns and Bridges

Heavily restored teeth may benefit from strengthening with a full coverage crown or ‘cap’. We can provide porcelain and gold crowns and may recommend a combination of crowns or bridgework to replace a missing teeth. All laboratory work is done locally and not sent overseas.


Braces Treatment

We will monitor the development of your teeth and co-ordinate treatment with our network of orthodontists. Orthodontist are specialists in this area which ensures the best quality results for you.

Teeth Whitening

We can give you all the information you need if you are considering tooth whitening. These procedures can be done ‘in-office’ or at home with often a combination of both.

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We can construct all types of full and partial dentures to replace multiple missing teeth. Our laboratory is located in Brisbane and never sent overseas to ensure quality materials and prompt service.


An alternative to bridgework in replacing one or more missing teeth is a dental implant. A threaded titanium ‘root’ is embedded in the bone and supports a crown. We will co-ordinate treatment with the surgical team and restore the implant when it is ready to support the new tooth.


Wisdom Teeth

Also known as third molars, wisdom teeth can be a problem for people of all ages. Straight forward extractions of wisdom teeth can be dealt with in our own surgery. If multiple wisdom teeth need attention we will usually refer you to a specialist oral and maxillofacial surgeon who can arrange treatment under day surgery hospital protocols. Any surgical procedure caries risks.

Endodontic Therapy (Root Canals)

This is a way to preserve a tooth that has had an infection in its nerve. We carry out many endodontic procedures ourselves but occasionally the complexity of the tooth may require referral to a specialist. We will discuss all benefits of a referral with you. Most endodontically treated teeth will need to be sealed and protected with a crown.


Mouth Guards

Mouthguards are an essential safety device for many contact sports and activities. We can construct sports mouthguards in a wide range of single or combination colours to match your team colours.

Periodontal Therapy

For those most at risk of serious gum disease we will allocate time to explain why you are at risk and produce an individual home care plan to reduce that risk. We will provide detailed cleaning of all exposed root surfaces and place you on an appropriate recall schedule to help maintain oral health.